About LibreOffice

If you are interested in purchasing and using my Three-in-One Puzzle Generator from Teachers Pay Teachers, you will first need to download and install LibreOffice.

No Worries! LibreOffice is easy to download, easy to install, easy to use, and it’s FREE!

LibreOffice is an office productivity application suite. Think “Microsoft Office”.

LibreOffice includes a word processor called Writer (like Word), a presentation app called Impress (like PowerPoint), a spreadsheet app called Calc (like Excel), etc.

What’s special about LibreOffice? And, why do I develop commercial apps in LibreOffice instead of, for example, Microsoft Office?

  1. LibreOffice is free to download and use. Simply download the version appropriate for your operating system (Linux, Mac, or Windows), install the software, and you are good to go! (The folks who maintain LibreOffice do ask for donations, and I encourage all LibreOffice users to donate. The software is well worth the few dollars we give the LibreOffice team.)
  2. LibreOffice is a fully-mature, stable, and robust productivity suite.
  3. In my opinion, LibreOffice is simply better and easier to use than Microsoft Office. (Please be aware that BASIC scripting/programming in LibreOffice is decidedly less transparent than it is in Microsoft Office. However, unless you intend to do some heavy-duty application development, this issue won’t affect you at all.)
  4. LibreOffice makes it easier for folks like me to develop useful cross-platform applications (such as the Crossword Puzzle Generator) that run seamlessly on multiple operating systems.
  5. LibreOffice does not “phone home” or otherwise provide silent and surreptitious back-door access to your computer and your digital data. The end-user license agreement (EULA) for LibreOffice does not usurp the copyrights to your files and digital creations, as do the EULAs of other software office suites and platforms.

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